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Pictures from my Latex Catwoman shoot with Mistress Blunt!

I've shot for Mistress Blunt's blog, See Mistress Cook, so I was excited to make my way down to South Brooklyn today for a fun little latex cosplay shoot with her! We braved the freezing cold and I snuck up to her roof in an ankle length coat to make these happen, and I couldn't be happier.

  • Side note: be prepared for l'il baby Robin Redhead photos from a few years ago if you click the link above.

I won't be putting all of these up in my public galleries, so I thought I'd share 'em here for my latex lovers and comic book fiends alike. (I think we all know how much crossover there is between kinksters and geeks - something about all those skin-tight uniforms, take-no-shit babes, whips + lassos of truth we worshipped as kids, eh?)

Which one's your favorite? I can think of more than a few roleplay scenarios in this outfit...

Blunt and I have another shoot planned once the trees start to bloom - stay tuned for a sexy flasher and exhibitionist themed set this spring!


Robin Ardeur