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Robin Ardeur, Kinky Companion. NYC, San Francisco and International Escort. GFE Mistress, GFE Dominatrix, Kinky Escort, Tattooed Escort, Fetish Escort


A (com)passionate and intuitive player with years of personal and professional experience, I delight in combining elements of classical BDSM and kink professionals with the intimacy of a companion. You can find out more about the different ways I like to play by following the links below.

Kink and fetish

My interests and play style are broad. I have been honing my skills, playing, and trying most things at *least* once since I started exploring - and I've been fantasizing much longer than that.
Some of my favorite activities are listed on the following page, though this list is far from all-encompassing and you're welcome to inquire about an interest not listed on my "hard limits" list.

What kinks do we share?

role play

As adults we're taught that it's inappropriate to play; that the realm of fantasy is something that you outgrow and relegate to children. I maintain that this is not so. I live in a world where anything is possible, and I delight in creating a space where we can indulge your playful sides together and leave ordinary life behind.

I love light-hearted sessions, and also take a special pleasure in exploring darker, more taboo and psychologically intense fantasies.

power exchange

Power exchange is present in all interactions, from fleeting exchanges with strangers to the most vanilla of relationships. When approached with intent, the parties involved transform this exchange into something fun, intense, and deeply satisfying.

The use of ritual, protocol and behavior modification allows for a depth of communication and cohesion within a D/s relationship that is rarely approached.