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You & Me

Perhaps you've found yourself here on a journey of self-discovery. Your desires have always been a bit different from the norm  though that's part of the excitement, isn't it?

Possessed by forbidden fantasies and untold secrets, you set out in search of someone who shares your out-of-the-ordinary inclinations...

...Or maybe you're an experienced player looking for someone as depraved and creative as yourself who can coax you to the edge and take you deeper.

You've found her.

Described as intuitive, passionate and kind, I consider myself a curator of authentic connections and unique experiences. I want to learn what makes you tick; and to share time with you that will leave both of us invigorated, inspired and craving more of each other.

I lead a charmed life that could be described as Bohemian - you'll just as soon find me hosting an adult dinner party in New York or New Orleans as you will traipsing through the woods on a backpacking trip or exhibiting my provocative art pieces at a gallery opening in Copenhagen. I delight in sharing adventures, and showing you a side of yourself you may never have met before.

I invite you to join my world and to get into some trouble with me! Tête-à-tête between tousled sheets, verbal foreplay at my favorite little spot downtown
 or if you're feeling daring, perhaps I can be your knowledgeable guide into New York City's glamorous, kinky nightlife.

I welcome your deviant desires with open arms. Won't you share your secrets with me?

Until we meet,