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Public Displays of Dominance, a story.

We meet, prearranged, on a bustling East Village corner. A quick but warm embrace serves as a hello; we know each other well.

"Did you prepare yourself for me this evening?"

He hadn't. He knows better.

I take his arm and lead him down the street into a garishly-lit drug store, down the escalator to the pharmacy. Since my pet had not taken the time to cleanse himself properly before our visit, we would have to make do with a store-bought enema. I chose a single Fleet bottle amongst the row of options and led him upstairs. The pharmacist caught my eye as we left, met the box in my hand, and hers brightened with an unspoken and knowing laugh.

He looked charmingly embarrassed as we stood in line, as we checked out, and as we made our way back to the darkening streets.

"I can't have you fouling up the bathroom at the restaurant. You will use the bathroom at the fast-food joint down the street before we head to dinner."

I've slipped a packet of his favorite oil based lube and a plug, slightly larger than he is accustomed to, in the bag, and hand it to him now. The plastic bag is translucent, and I can tell he's regretting his inattention to detail prior to our date. This pet is the shyest of exhibitionists, however, and I can see his cock stiffening through his pants at the thought of others catching on to what is happening between the two of us. I quicken my heel-clacking strut as I edge the bottom of my dress up just a smidge, an invitation to follow. He brings up the rear with excitement.

I settle in at a tableto observe as he waits in line in back of the filthy establishment. The men's room, funnily enough, is out of order, and he must use the women's bathroom. As he reaches the front of the line and enters the room, he gazes back at me, and I see his reserve through the nervousness. My heartbeat quickens, and panties dampen, at the thought of what he's attending to now- I only wish I could sneak in to join him.

Several minutes later he reemerges from the private bathroom, hiding a bashful smile. Grinning myself, I take his arm, and now we proceed to the second destination of the evening. I can see his steps are ever so uncertain now, accommodating for the large object he holds inside. We've only a few blocks to go, but I cherish the images of his shuffling gait.

"I'm very proud of you for taking your new toy so well- it's quite the challenge. I hope that you're more comfortable now."

He thanks me and lets me know that he's been practicing for me privately, and I'm impressed. All the better, as he'll soon be able to accommodate the largest of my cocks. He knows I ache to see his ass stretch around the firm silicone, to take it all the way down, no holes barred.

We arrive at one of my favorite little Alphabet City wine and beer spots, and I request a seat in the back. The server places two menus at the table, but I let her know we'll only be needing one tonight. By this time in our relationship, I know his culinary and libational tastes well, as well as the specialties of this particular restaurant, and handle all of our orders. It's just a hunch, but I do believe the waitress has quickly caught on to our game.

We share a drink as we catch up, sharing stories of our travels and exploits. I take advantage of the dim, romantic lighting and our out-of-the-way seats, and with a low voice urge him to spread his legs underneath the table. He bites his lip, and obliges.

The snakeskin-clad toe of my heel inches its way from the floor, slinking up his leg until it reaches his (still erect!) member. Now, I press down, even as the server places the first array of tapas on our small table. I thank her, and admire his attempt at nonchalance in her presence, as I press down harder and he stiffens further.

We spend the rest of the meal in relative relaxation, though I test his composure several times throughout the evening, even imploring that he make a trip to the restroom to adjust his large accoutrement. Eventually the time comes to depart the cozy restaurant, and again I take the lead, onwards towards the second, more intimate part of our night together. He fully made up for his pre-date transgressions, and did not disappoint. I think that upon our next meeting, he may be up to the challenge of my largest toy!

Robin Ardeur