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Toys, toys, toys - these are a few of my favorite things!

I'm leaving for San Francisco tomorrow afternoon, and in typical fashion I waited until the very last second to pack. I'm going to be getting into all sorts of trouble with my friends at Folsom, so I had to make sure to bring all my favorite toys! There is definitely something to be said for raw, animalistic lovemaking where you're only workin' with what you were given at birth- hands, mouths, etc... (and protection, of course). However, I've found that incorporating a toy or three can open up whole new worlds of pleasure. 

From top down, left to right:

First up, The Hitachi Magic Wand: "The cadillac of vibrators". I don't go anywhere without it. It's got a wall plug-in, for f*ck's sake!  Two settings: high and "OH MY GOD". It's fantastic for forced orgasms and tease and denial, too...

Next... the SquarePeg Egg Plug: This company is a size queen's dream. (That monster is their medium size, and they go all the way up to XXXL!) They have some insanely shaped toys in their line, including a double-fist and a boot. Dayum.

Icicles No. 24: It's shaped like a tentacle. 'Nuff said.

Ohmygod, Randy: I think it's clear by now that I love myself some big toys!

Shilo Pack n' Play: This is hands down my favorite toy to strap on. It's bendable, a little squishy, and just the right size. It's amazing for gender play because you can pack with it. And you thought only guys could crossdress.

Sliquid Sea: Sliquid has my favorite line of lubes, and Sea is packed with nourishing stuff like Vitamin B and fancy seaweed extracts. It stays slick for ages and is non-irritating.

njoy PureWand: It's such a versitile toy! Perfect for hitting the G spot and the prostate. I love stainless steel toys because they're easy to sterilize, get REALLY slippery with some well applied lube, and are temperature sensitive for fun temp play. The njoy eleven is next on my list of toys to get... Elle has one, so I've gotten the chance to play with it a few times with her. That toy rocked my world. 

Last but not least, an anal douche. Because you're a douche if you don't clean yourself out before playing around up there. Unless that's your thing, I suppose- who am I to judge? Just make sure you're prepared if you're playing with me! 

Some other stuff I'm packin': My trusty Nikon d700 with f/2.8 28-70mm lens, a fantastic educational book about body modification both past and (relatively) present called Modern Primitives, and a super sexy pair of Doc Martens. I think I'm ready for my week on the west coast!

See you in October,


Robin Ardeur