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Role Play

Naughty Schoolgirl (a classic!)

Always a distraction in class, I need to be taught a lesson one-on-one. Flirting with the boys and girls in class, never handing in homework, and constantly late... You've decided to teach me a lesson I WON'T forget.

What you didn't expect was for me to turn the tables on you.... *and* still get an A.

Have Spacesuit, Will Travel

If you've met me, you probably know that I have a serious obsession with all things sci-fi! In my typical fashion, I've fetishized this interest. I love taking the role of intergalactic princess in distress (ask me about my Slave Leia costume), alien abductee, your favorite comic book character... the list goes on and on. Don't forget to bring a towel.

Nurse Robin

Nurse Robin is here to help you feel better... or is she? This perverted R.N. gets sadistic pleasure out of inspecting, testing and torturing her patients. It's just you, me and my doctor's bag, filled to the brim with tons of medical play toys. In this demented hospital room, no one can hear your screams... or my laughter.


You've seen them, I'm sure- the petite, boyishly cute lesbians, usually arm in arm with more feminine girlfriend. The tomboy- a divine mix of feminine and masculine. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know her intimately? I offer an authentic, bisexual rendezvous like nothing you've experienced before.



You didn't think I saw you there, watching me every night as I get ready for bed, peeling off my clothes, taking a steamy shower and returning to my bed to apply lotion all over my curvy, tattooed body, did you? I like putting on a show for you, but you must be punished for your filthy habits, so one night I make it known that I know you're there and invite you in...



Enter my temple, smoky with incense and lit solely by candlelight. Place your offering at the base of my altar and enter the inner chambers of Goddess Ardeur. You've come here to pay your respects to the goddess of the flame, of vehemence and of passionate love. Worship me with your mouth, your hands, and your sex- I feed on your desire. Erotic energy explodes and we become one, forgetting we are human for just a night.