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Power Exchange

pow·er ex·change /ˈpou(-ə)r iksˈCHānj/
1. a set of behaviors, customs and rituals relating to the giving and accepting of control of one individual over another in an erotic or lifestyle context


At it's core, healthy D/s (dominance and submission) is between two equals. That's why submission is so very powerful and precious- it's given by a strong person with self-agency who has decided that the dominant party is deserving of holding them and guiding them through their most fragile moments. As always, clear communication and consent are paramount.

Hopeful submissives are honest, open and direct with their communication. You are humble and obedient, but not self deprecating. Establishing a D/s dynamic is a two way street and doesn't happen immediately, nor is it something that lends itself well to "one-off" sessions. I must earn your trust, and you must earn my dominance.

 In addition to the activities listed on my Kinks page, I enjoy the following activities as a dominant:

  • Chastity & key holding
  • Extended orgasm denial
  • Cuckhold fantasy
  • Ongoing ass training
  • Ongoing behavior modification
  • Bathroom use control (during extended in-person sessions)
  • Writing assignments, homework, etc.
  • D/s protocol

If you require ongoing training through email outside of our in-person sessions, a monthly retainer and communication rules will be negotiated after two or more individual, in person sessions. 

Please note that hopeful submissives must obey the simple protocol of referring to me as "Sir" or "Robin" - I do not use the term "Mistress" for myself.