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Fitness Updates & Teaser Video Archive

After making some significant lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year, I've dropped about 60 pounds. You can see relatively up to date professional photos on my site and very recent and accurate selfies on my Twitter that reflect these changes. New professional photos are coming in late October and in November!

My videos, while wonderful, are now woefully out of date and I have slimmed down considerably since shooting them. I wouldn't want to totally deprive you of them, though, so they're presented here with the caveat above. 


Oh - and keep your eyes peeled. Margot and I are joining Alex in her upcoming video for a very debaucherous slumber party...

My first video, shot in March 2015 by Alexander Love (

My second video, shot in February 2016 by Dwight of Amorous Films (

And my cameo in Tori Valentine's video, also shot by Amorous Films in February 2016! The password is "something4everyone". 

Robin Ardeur